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  1. The importance of choosing the right soil

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    Soil is the organic and inorganic material on the surface of the earth that provides the medium for plant growth. Good soil allows roots to quickly develop and spread, which in turn increases the water and nutrient intake necessary for healthy and productive plants.

    Performing a soil test is a good place to start when choosing soils. It will tell you what nutrients your garden is lacking so you can look for a garden soil or topsoil that includes those nutrients.

    There are many varieties of soil sold in garden centres. This is why it is important to know the purpose of the soil that you want to purchase. If you are filling a hole, purchase topsoil. If you are improving your local soil or a bed and you want to grow plants, purchase enriched topsoil or compost. You can select potting mix when planting a container garden.

    In summary, choosing the right soil will impact the growth and vitality of your garden.

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